As technology changes and becomes more widely available, the way that business is conducted is also evolving. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know what is best for your business or how to know what kinds of tech can benefit you.
IT experts have been able to enhance businesses of all kinds using innovation from every corner of the tech world—and real estate is no exception to this. Here are just a few of the ways IT Systems Solutions have helped their real estate clients take advantage of what the tech industry has to offer.


Automating time-consuming administrative tasks like scheduling meetings and file organization can cut large chunks of time out of an agent’s day, freeing up time for closing deals and building client relationships.
Using CRM software can not only organize clients into one place, but it can also automate tasks such as follow-up emails and sending out documentation.
Platforms such as Calendly eliminate the back-and-forth that often comes with scheduling meetings. This ensures that everyone will be available to meet at the same time without waiting for emails back.

Better Communications

The introduction of Zoom and other video conferencing systems has made it easier for agents and brokers to connect with their clients than ever before. Email has become the #1 means of communication for deals to get closed.
These conferencing systems have led to the increased popularity of virtual tours for properties. Clients no longer have to travel to view potential new homes, saving time on both sides of every transaction.
Cloud computing keeps sensitive documents both secure and organized. Real estate professionals have found new and improved ways to keep files in one place, helping them stay on top of their work and saving time.

Better Platforms Online

Many real estate firms want a website their clients can refer to and find agents on. A basic website can serve simple purposes, but new technologies can integrate many real estate platforms into a website, offering more services for clients all in one place.
Web analytics can also serve as a great guide for firms to see what pages their clients are viewing and even what social media pages they’re clicking on. This can help them focus on what needs improvement, resulting in more business flowing in.